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Funding Opportunities

Music Scholarship Program

Music education, as an educational endeavor, is a long-term process.  When we open the door to the world of music for a child, we believe we have a responsibility, commitment and moral obligation to ensure it does not close on them.  By accepting new children into our program, we commit ourselves to their long-term growth and development.  Therefore, when making a donation, please consider positively a commitment of at least three to five years.

Type of Scholarship Amount in US $ Per Year Description
Full Scholarship for one student in the Music program for children of Ethiopian descent 4,000 Includes individual instruction and supplementary activities and support: theory lessons, orchestra, chamber music, workshops and master classes, transportation fees, home tutoring, provision of instruments, guidance and more.
Full Scholarship for one student in the Music program for  Special needs students 4,000 Includes individual and chamber music instruction, provision of instruments, music therapy consultation, on-going support and more.
Full Scholarship for one student in the Music Excellence Program 3,800 Includes advanced individual instruction with university music academy professors, supplementary chamber music and orchestral instruction, additional sessions with piano accompanists, preparation for festive concerts and competitions, personal guidance and support throughout a very challenging road towards their professional career.
 Full scholarship for one student in the general track of the Music Program  2,200  Includes individual instruction and all supplementary activities: theory lessons, orchestra, chamber music, workshops and mater classes.

Donation of Musical Instruments
We seek assistance in acquiring instruments which can be loaned out to students for their use.  To this end, we are grateful for donations which enable us to purchase instruments. Acquisition of instruments places an additional financial burden on many families. Access to quality instruments rewards the students for their progress and achievements, and enables their growth and development.

Instruments in Need Approximate price in $ US
Grand Piano (small) 14,000
Upright Piano 4,200
Wind Instruments
3 Bassoon 1,800 each
2 Clarinet 2,000 each
3 Oboe 1,200 each
3 Baritone 800 each
2 French horn 1,000 each
2 Trombone 8,000 each
String Instruments
6 Cello (1/2 size) 700 each
8 Violin (1/8 size) 150 each
Jazz Department
Bass Saxophone 4,000
Electric piano 1,650
Portable Amplification system 1,400
Amplifier (For Bass Guitar) 1,100
Amplifier (For Guitar) 1,100