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Pre-Music Program

Application Procedures

Parents interested in registering their children for this program are invited to a personal intake meeting with the head of this department, Ms. Naomi Lemberger. Following that meeting, she will determine the most appropriate group for each child and will provide parents with additional information regarding the program.
Registration & Fees
Each lesson is 45 minutes in duration.

Age One Weekly Lesson   One Time Accessories Fee Registration Fee for new Students
Three to Six Years 240 NIS/month 195 NIS 45NIS

In general, Hassadna’s academic year is 10 months, so fees are charged for 10 months out of the year.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. Does the Conservatory offer a trial period of studies? What happens if we decide to discontinue studies mid-year?

Every child is entitled to a one month trial period; within the first month of studies, lessons can be cancelled at any time. After the first month trial period, if you decide to discontinue lessons, you must notify the conservatory administration in writing by the 20th of the month at the latest. You are welcome to send this notification via fax (02-566-4705) or e-mail (info@hassadna.com). Please confirm receipt of notification via telephone (02-563-0017). Without said notification, you will be charged for an additional month of lessons. Following the first of January, it is no longer possible to cancel music studies for that academic year, except in exceptional cases.

    1. Do children study over the holidays and do we pay for these lessons?

Hassadna’s academic calendar is established in accordance with the Ministry of Education calendar. Students begin studies at the start of the academic school year with holidays and vacations scheduled accordingly. We ensure that each child receives a minimum of 36 lessons a year.

    1. How is payment made?

Tuition is paid via standing order with the bank. Payments are transferred by the 5th of each month. Parents can also opt to pay the entire yearly tuition upon registration at the beginning of the academic year.