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Pre-Music Program

The Conservatory runs a pre-music track, directed by Nomi Lemberger, with the aim of exposing children aged three to six to the basic building blocks of music. Hassadna sponsors a wide variety of groups intended to match the developmental level and interests of each child. Children experience music through rhythmic movement, coordination games, singing and improvisation. They explore rhythm, form and melody through experimentation with a wide variety of instruments.

Our pre-music program enables children to make music a profound part of their lives from a very early age while giving them a firm basis for progressing in future music studies. It nurtures the imagination while encouraging musical exploration and the understanding of musical concepts and skills. On a more practical level, this program provides an excellent foundation for instrumental study; as our faculty becomes acquainted with the musical abilities of participating children, they are better able to guide them towards a suitable musical instrument.

Program instructors: Nomi Lemberger and Leah Plutkin.

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