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Theory and Ear Training

Our theory lessons cover the basic vocabulary necessary to discuss and analyze music and are complimented by ear training. At more advanced levels, score study and analysis is central to the program of study. Theory and ear training activities aid students in perfecting pitch and in rhythm performance skills. Students learn to recognize and react to harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic structures through recitation and dictation. Hassadna sponsors a wide variety of theory and ear training groups intended to match the development and skill level of each child.

The department consists of four high caliber instructors, each one specializing in a different levels and ages as follows:
Shira Elad specializes in ages 6-12 and creates the foundation of theory knowledge by focusing on note reading, rhythm, ear training, intervals and scales in a very interactive way.

Inbal Jamshid specializes in ages 10-15 and provide intermediate theory instruction giving students the tools for chords, scales and music analysis.

Ram Reuven specializes in advanced students between the ages of 13-18 and deepens students’ knowledge- particularly in the areas of ear training, harmony, music analysis and counterpoint.