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Chamber Music

As chamber music is one of the greatest pleasures the musical world can offer, we aim to expose all our students to the fabulous experience of playing in an ensemble. We believe that playing with others is the ultimate goal of music education; it enables each musician to experience music at its finest and has the power to draw people together in the service of common goals.

Participation in ensembles cultivates collaborative skills that are invaluable to a young musician’s education. Hassadna offers a wide array of groups thus meeting the needs of students at all levels of study and ability. This variety enables us to expose students to the vast array of possibilities for making music with others. Our ensembles participate in yearly gatherings sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Education which are designed to showcase top young musicians in Israel.

Our chamber music ensembles include:
String quartets, wood wind quintets, brass wind quintets, piano trios, jazz combos, choirs and baroque ensembles.