Letter from the director

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Jerusalem Conservatory Hassadna,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our newly launched website! The information found here will give you a sense of our programs and activities, introduce you to our faculty and staff and, most importantly, acquaint you with our incredibly diverse and wonderful student body.

The Jerusalem Conservatory Hassadna is one of Israel’s premier institutes of music education. We emphasize music education of the highest caliber and, accordingly, work with some of Israel’s most talented musicians.

Our student body is the heart and soul of our school. We strive to provide each and every one of the young people who study with us a tailor-made program which reflects their unique talents, interests and competencies. Their challenging and rich program of study is complemented by the personal and professional support we offer them throughout the entire course of their studies.

We attempt to get to know each student to the greatest extent possible and to create an on-going and close relationship with them. Furthermore, as our students progress and develop, we continuously re-evaluate and modify their program of study in order to maximize their learning. Young people who enter our musical home are encouraged to dream big and are fully supported in this process; we ensure they have access to the finest musicians available and constantly supplement and enrich their educational experience through the many special programs we offer. In this way, we hope to infuse each student with the magic and beauty of music, turn them into life-long music lovers, and enable them to pursue a career as professional musicians, should they so desire.

While individualized instrument instruction is the central component of our program, we also offer enrichment activities such as the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of ensembles, orchestras, theory classes, master classes and workshops. Each student is encouraged to regard these activities as an integral aspect of their music education and to take full advantage of such programs. Thus, every student is able to benefit from a well-rounded and rich study experience and has at their disposal the best tools available to nurture their development as musicians.

While the Conservatory’s central aim is educating Israel’s next generation of musicians and music lovers, we are equally committed to creating a ‘warm musical home’ for students and faculty. It is my hope that members of our extended family – students, faculty, staff and their families – encounter a supportive, welcoming and open environment. The Conservatory administration attempts to be approachable and responsive to the needs of our community to the greatest extent possible.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to emphasize one more essential facet of our organization. In a city as diverse, complex – and often tense – as Jerusalem, we take great pride in the tremendous diversity of our staff and student community. The Conservatory actively recruits and welcomes the full range of human diversity our special city has to offer. Indeed, religious and secular students, Jews and Arabs, new immigrants and the more established, families of all socio-economic levels and special need children are an integral part of our human mosaic.

I firmly believe that love of music has the power to create the kind of bond which can surpass political and social rifts. Our From Risk to Opportunity and Special Needs Programs , facilitate this diversity. They bring children of Ethiopian descent and special needs children into our musical home and provide them with the support they require in order for them to fully integrate into our student body and achieve musical success. We are grateful to all of our student’s families and to our friends and supporters, for enabling us to achieve this most special and unique study environment.

I invite you to learn more about our Conservatory through our website and, most importantly, to become part of our community through concert attendance, a tour of our school, by enrolling your child in studies with us and through your support and partnership in fulfilling our vision.


Lena Nemirovsky-Wiskind