History and Mission

Jerusalem Conservatory Hassadna, established in 1973 by the musician and pianist Amalia Reuel, is guided by the belief that any child, regardless of physical or mental ability, socio-economic level, ethnicity or religious affiliation, should be provided with the opportunity to experience high quality music instruction.

Equality and integration are fundamental values at the Conservatory: motivated and dedicated children are provided with equally high standards of individualized arts education, irrespective of background. Significantly, they study and perform with peers who reflect the full human mosaic of Jerusalem. We offer challenging and well-rounded educational programs while implementing innovative and creative instructional methodologies.

Currently, the Conservatory serves as a second home to some 600 children and young adults. Our students represent Jerusalem’s full religious, national and economic diversity while our Jewish students reflect the widest possible cross-section of religious observance.

The Conservatory draws on the talents of an accomplished faculty and we nurture individual excellence in a challenging and supportive community dedicated to the highest standards of performance, teaching and scholarship. Our staff includes 90 professionals, Israeli born as well as immigrants from 10 different countries. We are proud to attract some of Israel’s finest musicians, concert artists and members of Israel’s leading orchestras. Under their careful guidance, our gifted student body is given the tools necessary to achieve excellence and international acclaim.

The Conservatory’s mission is to provide each student with an individualized program best maximizing the child’s artistic and personal development. We see each child as a world unto themselves; as such, we are fully committed to ensuring that they benefit from the program of study best suited to their unique needs and aspirations. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, personalized approach and genuine concern for the well-being – artistic, social and otherwise – of each and every student. Students are welcomed warmly into our world and encouraged to make it their own.